Educational Care Provision in York & North Yorkshire

At Choose2, we offer help in terms of employability for young people with disabilities in York and North Yorkshire. Sessions involve identifying personal skills and strengths, learning how to prepare for an interview, CV writing, interview techniques, appropriate clothing and communication. The aim is to ensure every young person who wants to work is prepared for their next job interview.

What We Offer

We know that some of our young people have a desire to work, so our employability sessions look at the skills you need to be a positive part of the workforce.

With one-to-one support from experienced youth workers, we'll help each individual to identify their strengths and areas they need to work on, to improve their job prospects.

Employability Sessions

For those young people who are not ready to be placed in an off-site work placement, we run a variety of in-house enterprise projects.

Our young people help local residents deliver area news letters. They work from maps to determine which area needs covering and sort the leaflets into the correct amount for the streets. This embeds some of the functional skills they need and gives them a sense of achievement and wellbeing from knowing they are helping others.

Another strong link we have is partnering up with Age UK. Our young people run luncheon clubs for the elderly where they plan, cook and serve a lunch with activities and entertainment.

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Skills For Life

Functional skills are a core part of our personalised learning packages. They are embedded across all areas and taught at an individual level and pace in small groups and one-to-one sessions.

We strive to provide relevant sessions based on the needs and aspirations of each individual. Our skills for life sessions cover a range of topics including:
• Cooking
• Shopping
• Money management
• Ironing
• Looking after your home
• Relationships
• Online safety
• Safety in the community

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Horticultural Sessions

Working on the allotment is beneficial in so many ways – it is physical exercise, while the sense of nurturing and building something also fosters good wellbeing. The range of skills required to maintain an allotment and successfully grow things is an excellent learning opportunity, and our young people get to see it through every step, gaining a real sense of achievement.

The horticulture sessions mean that our young people are involved at all stages, from preparation of the land, planting, potting and weeding, to harvesting and using the produce in our cooking sessions.

If you or a young person you know would like to get involved, then don't hesitate to give us a call and see what opportunities we have available.

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