About Us

Choose2 provides a wide range of activities and opportunities for young people in York and North Yorkshire, thanks to its team of support workers. Contact us to find out more about our work and the social and personal development opportunities we offer.

Our History as a Social Enterprise

Choose2 was set up 10 years ago by Rachel, Steve and Zoe. All come from a youth work background and have over 50 collective years of experience working with young people and adults with disabilities and additional needs. Rachel, Steve and Zoe aim to use their knowledge and experience to create purposeful opportunities that meet each individual's needs.

We are a not for profit social enterprise working with and supporting children, young people and adults with disabilities and additional needs across York and North Yorkshire. We offer a variety of programmes, activities and sessions.

As a not for profit organisation we reinvest any profit back into the company so that we can increase our offer and buy any specialist equipment to enhance our members experience whilst working with us.

Promoting Aspiration

Our aim is to support and enable disabled people to reach their full potential by working with them and for them in a variety of ways, actively involving them in creating opportunities which focus on their personal and social development.

This includes settings such as youth clubs, short breaks and social events. Volunteering opportunities, education programmes which can be accredited and work placements and Social care packages.

At the heart of Choose2 lies the youth work principal based on purposeful relationship between adults and young people, which is underpinned by an ethos of equality

Our principles:

  • To offer a diverse range of responsive services.
  • Develop a culture of innovation, creativity and sensitivity.
  • To be proactive in the promotion of all its work.
  • To have a holistic approach to the needs of disabled people.
  • To treat all disabled people with respect.
  • To encourage the active involvement of all.
  • To be proactive in its interventions.
  • To actively encourage friendships on all levels.

Original Profile Pictue
this photo is now nearly 10 years old