Music and Drama Session in York & North Yorkshire

Choose2 in York and North Yorkshire runs a range of fun and accessible music and drama sessions for young people with disabilities. Contact us today to find out more about the many social and personal development benefits of engaging in musical and dramatic activities.

We believe that music and drama are key tools that help with a huge range of skills that are applicable throughout life - they build confidence and assertiveness but also cooperation and creativity. These regular sessions are a fantastic way to encourage young people to express themselves in all kinds of ways.

Express Yourself

We use music as a way of helping young people to express themselves, work together and have fun. We partner with the Upfaders project to run DJing sessions, so our young people can learn technical skills, be creative and enjoy spending time with others.


Our young people can share the skills they have learned with each other and learn new ones. This fun music and drama session helps them build confidence and work as a team to produce a short performance. They develop their communication skills and ability to follow instructions and plan – vital transferable life skills that will contribute to their development.